Visionaries &

  • Mission Creators
  • Payload Optimisers
  • Requirements Scopers



  • Payload Designers
  • Software Integrators
  • Development Testers


Integrators &

  • Small Constellations
  • In-Orbit Demonstrators
  • Sensitive Payloads
Routes to Space


Space Engineering Services

Collaborating to derive Technical Requirement Specifications based on mission goals, enabling confident, efficient and successful projects.



FlatSat access to "Try-Before-You-Buy" enabling economical Hardware-In-the-Loop design, development and testing to promote informed procurement.

Satellite Bus

Satellite Bus

Off-The-Shelf functionally standardised small satellites buses that use flight and test proven architecture, ready to integrate payloads with confidence.

Latest Update

March 2024


Space-Comm Expo

To reach a position of almost anonymity in the end user's eyes needs a vast amount of knowledgeable joined up thinking, action and 'paddling under the surface' to occur. Third Planet Orbital have been busy in March connecting and collaborating in multiple arenas to build the cohesion:

Exhibiting | Forming Business Relationships | Meeting Investors | University engagement | Trade body interaction.

June 2024

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

12 June: UKSA Ignite Space Conference in Leeds

15 June: Bright Sparks Fair - Outreach at Leicester Grammar School

18 June: Trajectory Space Ecosystem Roadshow

25 June: Midlands Space Cluster Networking Event at Space Park Leicester


Loughborough and Leicester Location

Third Planet Orbital has been established in the UK to address needs apparent in the global Space Industry. The business directly addresses what the UK government has identified as being of strategic importance, and contributes to regional development and socio-economic benefits (especially high tech employment and retention).